ADULT BIB, CLOTHING PROTECTOR: Extra-long and wide for coverage, absorbent top layer, waterproof backing prevents staining. Crumb catcher keeps mealtime neat.


COMFORTABLE, ADJUSTABLE CLOSURE: unlike bibs with narrow, snap neck openings that can constrict, these bibs feature a shoulder Velcro closure that comfortably accommodates a range of neck sizes.

EXTRA LONG AND WIDE FOR COVERAGE: Our long (36”) bibs provide coverage to the lap and from side to side. Our “wide” sizes are 25% wider than the average clothing protectors on the market.

SPILLS ARE ABSORBED BUT DON’T PENETRATE: Outer layer of poly/cotton absorbs liquids and spills. The vinyl Supplex backing is waterproof, yet light weight and breathable.

MACHINE WASHABLE AND DURABLE TO SAVE MONEY: takes dozens of washings-easy to clean and long lasting-saves money over cheap disposables.

CRUMB CATCHER SAVES CLEAN UP TIME: the built in “crumb catcher” snares food and spills, helps keep the wearer neat and meal area cleaner to reduce clean up time.